Demolition: Selected Demolition, Robotic Concrete Breaking, Crunching and Bursting

A Morris Diamond Drilling Ltd has professional Demolition services suited to your needs.

We operate the highest-standard of machinery with breakers and crunchers to enact small controlled demolition works that is not harmful to any on-site occupants. We are able to quickly remove large walls,door openings quickly and safely using robust machinery during demolition operations. Our demolition services are suitable for all types of buildings and houses regardless of the size of the property.

Selective Demolition

Building owners and construction contractors in London, and the home counties can look to us when when a property requires innovative solutions during a construction project. A Morris Diamond Drilling Ltd is best known for its ability to work safely and effectively under challenging conditions to deliver the required results.

The demolition expertise at A Morris Diamond Drilling Ltd includes:

  • Interior/Exterior Demolition

  • Wall sawing

  • Floor sawing

  • Interior and Exterior Excavation

  • Foundation Removal

Robotic Concrete Breaking
We use remotely-operated machines fitted with crushing jaws, breakers and planers. Our machine operatives position themselves at a distance when controlling the machines. This robotic operation method reduces exposure to harmful materials. It is another way we are working towards ensured compliance to our industry’s health and safety requirements.

Our machines range from 400 kg to 3500 kg in weight in order to cope with various site operations. The machinery we use for the robotic concrete demolition method can remove strong rooms and staircases, as well as form holes in walls and floors.

Concrete Crunching and Bursting
These two techniques are highly sought after demolition services. We at A Morris Diamond Drilling Ltd in London offer this demolition technique to all areas in and around London. This procedure is non-disruptive to neighbouring properties and spaces. The methods are suitable for sites that are in continual use, such as hospitals, malls, factories, offices and hotels.

Demolition services specialising in Selective Demolition, Robotic Concrete Breaking and Crunching and Bursting operations.