Diamond Drilling

Providers of neatly drilled holes through all types of mass reinforced concrete surfaces.

We offer a Diamond Drilling service that can be utilised wherever precise holes are required, including creating large openings for ducts, smaller holes for pipes or wiring, creating holes for the placement or anchoring of bolts, or even for concrete sample analysis.
Diamond Drilling is a quiet and non-vibrating way of forming holes on extremely hard surfaces, such as concrete walls and floors, without cracking the entire surface. We use this discreet method with the utmost precaution to ensure immaculate results.
The process requires running a diamond coated rope around the object that is to be cut. A hydraulic motor then drives the diamond wire saw as it’s drawn through a series of pulleys which allow it to move smoothly.

Diamond Drilling methods from specialists in London

We use the following two drilling methods for projects in London and surrounding areas:

Diamond Drilling methods – A Morris Diamond Drilling Ltd

Diamond Drilling

    • Core holes sizes from 75mm -200mm normally

    • Creates a series of overlapping holes.

    • Can create any size or shaped hole.

    • Portable drilling equipment.

    • Easy to manoeuvre in or under water.

    • Multiple auto feed drills can be used simultaneously.

    These Diamond Drilling techniques can also be used to form penetrations for other services, such as plumbing and electrical operations.
    In addition to our two major methods, we can also provide a full Core Drilling and Testing Service with analysis for strength and carbonation. We then work with the construction team and surveyors to determine the best method to use for the surface.

    All work completed by A Morris Diamond Drilling Ltd is carried out by qualified and experienced professionals, Fully insured, working to the latest Health and Safety and Environmental regulations of the UK.

    Diamond Drilling offers a number of significant advantages over conventional drilling methods because of its ability to produce perfect results. As the procedure is relatively quiet, it can be done in virtually any location without fear of creating excess noise. Very little dust is produced with Diamond Drilling, limiting mess and disruption.

    All Diamond Drilling can be performed either horizontally or vertically or inverted with hole sizes ranging from 10mm to 1500 mm in diameter. We use top of the range drill motors on every operation to guarantee optimal results.

    Call A Morris Diamond Drilling Ltd on 01256 476 498 or email info@morrisdiamonddrilling.co.uk for trusted Diamond Drilling in London.