Wall, Floor & Wire Sawing

Masters of precise and clean sawing services at A Morris Diamond Drilling Ltd in London.

Wall Sawing Services
Wire Sawing is useful for cutting through concrete, mass or granite stone of any thickness. Our team can achieve a cutting rate of about 1sqm per hour upon commencing the Wire Sawing operation. The process is carried out silently with no obtrusive drill noises. Wire Sawing requires the use of water, which can be controlled using special protection methods to avoid mess on site.

The process requires running a diamond coated rope around the object that is to be cut. A hydraulic motor then drives the diamond wire saw as it’s drawn through a series of pulleys which allow it to move smoothly.

Features of our Wire Sawing service:

  • Fumeless and discreet.

  • Smooth cut surface face.

  • Unlimited cutting depth.

  • Horizontal, vertical and angled cutting of circular openings up to 2500mm in diameter.

  • Flexible and quick method.

  • Plunge cutting facility which allows blind and withdrawal openings to be formed

  • Remote controlled operation for increased safety.

With over 30 years experience, we have the tools and expertise to successfully complete all operations for any size surface. A Morris Diamond Drilling Ltd has the right team of Wire Sawing specialists to make sure that the job is done according to our clients’ specifications.

Floor Sawing Services
A Morris Diamond Drilling Ltd provides internal and external sawing services. We are able to reach a cutting depth of up to 600mm in thick floor slabs for functional warehouses, factories, supermarkets and hospitals. Expansion joints of up to 50mm wide can be quickly and accurately completed by our experts using top of the range, self-propelled joint cutting machinery.

Floor Sawing is a heavy duty operation that is quick and efficient for the cutting of width and depth of up to 700m. We carry out this service on floor surfaces including asphalt and concrete. It is also used in the cutting for motorway construction, pavements, traffic detector channels, drainage ducts and altering or removing of concrete slabs.

London areas we service

  • South East London
  • South West London

Over 30 years of experience in providing Wall, Floor and Wire Sawing services to London, South East and South West England.